JEFF The Brotherhood/Dry Feet, one screened, one printed
$10.00 - $16.00

  • JEFF The Brotherhood/Dry Feet, one screened, one printed
  • JEFF The Brotherhood/Dry Feet, one screened, one printed

JEFF The Brotherhood/Dry Feet, one screened, one printed
$10.00 - $16.00

This item is coming soon. Notify me when it becomes available.

We have one each of two different styles of this poster. One is silk screened ($12), one is printed ($8). So pick your poison! This show at Bookspace in Philadelphia also featured our friends in Dry Feet (Perry Shall, who designed many of our album covers and now does the same for Dan Auerbach's Easy Eye label). They are both about 11 X 17. Go for it.

Artists: JEFF The Brotherhood, Dry Feet, Bad Doctors
Venue: Bookspace
Where: Philadelphia, PA
When: 8/24

About this collection:
For years, we've been selling these limited edition show posters in our office store. But now that we've moved to a smaller space, WE'VE DECIDED TO CUT OUR PRICES IN HALF! Was $32, now $16- that's how we do it!

Here are the bios from the venues website, one lengthy and one very short!
Jake and Jamin Orrall, aka JEFF The Brotherhood, are seen by many to be latter-day pioneers of the Nashville rock scene, but they see themselves as brothers who can't remember not playing music together for fun. Their family-owned, vinyl-centered record label, Infinity Cat Recordings, has been a pillar of support for Nashville bands since 2002 (with 60 releases to date) and was named "Nashville's Best Record Label 2010" by the Nashville Scene. But their first love has always been the Brotherhood known as JEFF.
Known for their relentless touring and their "we'll play anywhere" mentality, they have built a reputation for stripping rock music down to it's basics, and delivering mind-bending live shows with Jamin's three drums and three cymbals and Jake's three-string guitar and ferocious vocals. JEFF The Brotherhood's work ethic practically defines D.I.Y., from their simple but compelling videos to their self-produced and critically acclaimed albums, EP's and singles.
The band clocked in over 230 shows in the past year and received critical acclaim for their Heavy Days album from the likes of Brooklyn Vegan, Spin, Nylon, Village Voice, the New Yorker, KEXP, Maximum Rock n' Roll, and MANY more. Now, JEFF is ready for 2011 (or as Nashville's Dead calls it "the year of the Brotherhood") with their finest album to date, We Are The Champions.

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