Music Band

I’ll tell you what Music Band isn’t. Music Band is not a group of sour-faced millenial cry-babies wearing fedoras and Beatle boots, trudging through their live performances, looking like they can’t wait to get off stage and hit their vape pens. Music Band is not a bunch of dirtnapping hee-hee boys who try so hard to act like they don’t care about the holes in their clothes and their uninspired power chords that they become caricatures of ideas of a musical genre filtered through five decades of misunderstanding. Music Band is not some group of human Xeroxes squirted out by some corporate bigwig sucking on a fat stogie up in an ivory tower somewhere. Music Band is a group of three best friends, Harry Kagan (guitar), Lee Putney (drums) and Duncan Shea (bass), making honest-to-goodness rock and roll music in Nashville, TN. Recorded at Bomb Shelter Studio with Andrija Tokic (Alabama Shakes, Natural Child), Wake Up Laughing is the latest chapter in the Music Band annals, showcasing their knack for writing catchy, surprising, high-energy songs that make their influences as vast as they are difficult to pin down. Their songwriting echoes their constant quest for discovery and reinvention, while always remaining true to themselves. It is Music Band’s profound respect for each other and for those who came before them as they toe the line between light and dark, which keeps them hurtling forward into the great delights of the unknown.

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