Cake Bake Betty

"When I went to see ‘Be Your Own Pet’ in like 2006 or something, this girl opened for them. Literally the complete opposite style of music. She’s a solo, pianist, minimalist, weird, folk singer… as opposed to a punk band. However, I’m pretty sure the whole room was entranced by her haunting vocals and eerie style of piano playing. I’m pretty sure I almost cried. This shit is beautiful. Admittedly, sometimes it’s fucked up, but it’s still beautiful.' (COMPLETE STRANGER)
Cake Bake Betty was the stage name of Lindsay A. Powell, a producer and vocalist currently living and working in Brooklyn, NY. under the name Fielded. Powell works mainly with electronic manipulation of vocals, synthesizers and live instrumentation in order to achieve a unique pop sound. Brought full circle by her brave and powerful lead vocal work, it is Powell’s progressive songwriting and distinctive voice that keep the project cohesive and inspired. Check out Fielded at
You won't be sorry!

You'd have to get up pretty early in the morning to find an album of more alluring songs based around unusual themes than "Songs About Teeth". The musical vehicle of multi-instrumental New Jersey songwriter Lindsay Powell, Cake Bake Betty's album is an exercise in both the beautiful and the bizarre. Inspired predominantly by old mariner songs, folk classics and blues standards amongst many other influences, the tracks have an off-kilter appeal and energy which most artists would struggle to replicate.
As promised in the title, the record does indeed contain songs about teeth, as well as tackling issues of cannibalism, robots and pirates and comes from the lyrical left-field in a unique and sometimes disturbing way. The songs themselves are fragile, ethereal piano-led ballads and the
record also utilises mournful strings and electronic flourishes, transporting the listener to strange new worlds with a lullaby-esque appeal.
From start to finish, the album takes the listener on a journey through bleak and unnerving songs infused with Lindsay's powerful, aching vocals through to more upbeat, electronic surrealist pop ("Backbones") and modern sea shanty's ("Song of the Sea") before bringing the listener back to more traditional lovelorn offerings such as "Doves". Special mention might be made of eight-minute epic "The Charge (Knockturnul)" This song is a story in itself, progressing from a pacy piano assault to the achingly delicate post-rock inspired midsection, through to its final climax of strings, plaintiff vocals and martial style drumming. Cake Bake Betty may be inviting us to visit unusual new realms, but it is a trip well worth taking. (SUPERSWEET Magazine)

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