Heavy Cream

A mostly female garage-punk combo from Nashville, Heavy Cream write and play with the martial simplicity and force of the Ramones and the cocky, bad-girl swagger of the Runaways, all filtered through an imagination informed by lo-fi noise and trash-culture wit. Heavy Cream was formed by vocalist Jessica McFarland, who first came to Nashville in 2002 to attend Belmont University. While McFarland's original intent was to pursue a career in the entertainment industry, the more she learned about the mainstream music business the less she liked it, and eventually she embraced punk rock, forming a band called Meemaw. Meemaw broke up in 2009, and McFarland wasted no time starting a new group, recruiting three friends (guitarist Mimi Galbierz, bassist Seth Sutton, and drummer Tiffany Minton) for Heavy Cream. As Nashville's underground punk scene experienced a resurgence in the Aughts, Heavy Cream began playing frequently at clubs and house parties, and in 2010, the group released their first album, Danny. The album was released by Infinity Cat Records, a local independent label run by members of the band Jeff the Brotherhood, who also took Heavy Cream on the road as their support act. As Heavy Cream honed their stage act, the band became one of the leading acts on the Nashville punk scene, as well as earning a growing out-of-town following through roadwork. The band traveled to San Francisco to record their second album, with Ty Segall and Eric Bauer serving as producers; Super Treatment was released through Infinity Cat in the spring of 2012.

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