JEFF The Brotherhood, Dead Soft, Daddy Issues at Mercy Lounge

  • JEFF The Brotherhood, Dead Soft, Daddy Issues at Mercy Lounge

JEFF The Brotherhood, Dead Soft, Daddy Issues at Mercy Lounge

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By way of introduction, here'swhat The NAshville Scene said about this show:
"At this point, is there a self-respecting fan of Nashville rock who hasn’t seen a JEFF the Brotherhood show? The flagship band of brothers has dominated and inspired the local punk scene with their spacey, metallic, detuned minimalist power pop for more than a decade. They’ve toured the world and contributed nine cult-beloved full-lengths to the canon of winning contemporary rock. That includes last year’s sparkling speaker-peaker Wasted on the Dream and cosmic brain-bender double album Global Chakra Rhythms. But the opportunity to secure a good spot to get caught in the inevitable mosh isn’t the only imperative to hit up Cannery Row on the early side. Openers Dead Soft (from Vancouver, B.C.) crank out kick-ass grunge pop teeming with explosive, bowel-loosening guitar fuzz, while Daddy Issues (from right here in your backyard) spit out some of the best, no-fucks-giving calisthenic bubblegum punk this side of a Ramones resurrection. Both bands are on the Orralls’ no-introduction-needing pet label Infinity Cat. And both boast hooks that will stick in your head, even after JEFF melts your brain out of your ears."
We've got 2 of these cool printed flyers, 16 1/2 X 11

Artists: JEFF The Brotherhood, Dead Soft, Daddy Issues, Gym Shorts
Venue: Mercy Lounge
Where: Nashville, TN
When: 3/22/2016

About this collection:
For years, we've been selling these limited edition show posters in our office store. But now that we've moved to a smaller space, WE'VE DECIDED TO CUT OUR PRICES IN HALF! Was $24, now $12- that's how we do it!

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