JEFF The Brotherhood "Magick Songs" ON SALE!
$10.00 - $19.00

  • JEFF The Brotherhood

JEFF The Brotherhood "Magick Songs" ON SALE!
$10.00 - $19.00

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For JEFF the Brotherhood, a bitchin’ riff is no longer the end goal, but a bulldozer that allows them to bust open new worlds to explore. (PITCHFORK)

For the time being, here at Infinity Cat and at the live shows is the only place you can get this incredible album! Do you know what "incredible" means? It means you credulity will be stretched to it's limit! Check it out:

Jake and Jamin Orrall entirely reinvent JEFF on proggy, wonderful new LP. This is an album that really flows, takes you on a journey, and works as a whole. I might even say it’s the best ever JEFF The Brotherhood album, but it almost feels like a new band entirely. (BROOKLYN VEGAN)

It’s a rare thing for a rock band to genuinely surprise you on its 13th album, so credit the group—a two-piece outfit that once limited itself to three-string guitars—for completely blowing up any pre-existing notions you may have had of their band or their music. With the Pavementine rumble of “Camel Swallowed Whole” and the misty, cymbal-tapped post-rock surges of “Parachute,” JEFF the Brotherhood successfully indulge their growing fetish for off-kilter sonics while producing effortlessly tuneful, emotionally resonant songs. (PITCHFORK)

The album’s tone varies wildly from the Hawkwind heaviness of “Farewell To The Sun,” to the droning world beat of “Wasted Lands,” the drugged-out dreamy bad trip of “Heavy Journey,” the thick, chunky metal chords of “Magick Man,” and the floating, peaceful instrumental “Singing Garden.” Brothers Jake and Jamin employ guests on some selections, thickening and varying the sound with sax, violin, extra guitar and the sensuous vocals of Jenna Moynihan from Daddy Issues.
JEFF The Brotherhood is just doing more of what they are known for, perhaps taken to a new extreme. Some of Magick Songs will lull you with soothing sounds, some will crack your skull apart in an abrasive fit of intensity. (AMERICAN SONGWRITER)

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