Colleen Green

“While the Ramones taught us all that we only need a few chords to make an endless number of perfect pop songs, most bands that have followed that model to the letter don’t have the ear for hooks, structure, or wordplay that their heroes did. Green does.” - Pitchfork

Here it comes - AGAIN! Many moons ago, Infinity Cat released an EP from LA’s own Colleen Green. Referred to by Green as “Ramones-Core”, this concise collection evoked the spirit of old-fashioned rock ‘n’ roll, applying a heavy layer of classic punk influence to the songwriter’s well-known pop confections. The limited edition tape sold out immediately, and after years of emails, tweets, and letters, Infinity Cat is proud to present the EP on vinyl for the first time! Featuring newly recorded versions of the OG cassette on side A and four never-before-released tracks on side B!

Allow yourself to be taken back to a simpler time when the Brill Building bustled and teen punks hustled; when pop music was more about craft than commercialism. Green’s penchant for parlaying inspiration into her own distinctive sound is well documented across her discography, but perhaps never as well as on this offering from Infinity Cat Records. If the Ramones are the teacher, then Colleen Green is the student and you are the classroom. Listen up!

Be the first person outside the Infinity Cat family to own and listen to a copy. But not just any copy, a TEST PRESSING. Only one available in our annual mid-summer rarities sale, benefiting the Southern Girls Rock Camp!

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