We loved you. Goodbye!

The Sex was:

Jamin Orrall-Drums

Jake Orrall-Sing, Bass, Guitar, and Synth

Jesse Weilburg-Guitar and Bass


Funcookie Hardcore is a term we developed to describe our music. The three of us have always wanted to be in a hardcore band, but we don't feel that we need to complain about anything because when we play together we are completely content.

Funcookie is a German word for "fool", and our music is foolish, and our lyrics don't make sense, and our only message is that we should all have fun....and that we like ninjas and stuff too. So it's foolish hardcore, we aren't activists but we still make you bounce off the wall and break things.


ICR-01 The Sex-Tusky Mahloo (sold out)

ICR-03 The Sex-Have Fun With...

ICR-09 The Sex/Jimmy Cushman? Split CD

ICR-11 Wake Up And Smell The Parents


Members of The Sex went on to give birth to JEFF The Brotherhood, be your own PET, The Tennessee Black Plague, Gnarwahl, Skyblazer, Letho, Coyote, and more. Jimmy Cushman? members John and Jonas became Turbofruits.