be your own PET very early poster THE RAREST.

  • be your own PET very early poster THE RAREST.

be your own PET very early poster THE RAREST.

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This hung in our offices for years, but we have no room for it now. It's huge, delicate, and dates back to 2005 - the earliest poster in our sale. NYC was all abuzz about a new band called be your own PET, and the promoters wanted you to wear shorts. Shorts! Here's what the blogs said:
"Friday's Pre-Siren Fest show at Rothko will rule just as AND it will have air conditioning. All four bands playing Insound's "Night of Shorts" party (Ponys, Chin Up Chin Up, Be Your Own PET, and Rahim) are insanely good and all could easily pack out a show on their own. This one's gonna be good... especially if you're wearing shorts ($6.00 admission fee for those pro-pants, $2.00 for those showing some thigh). Perhaps the band on this bill with the most "hype" is Nashville's Be Your Own PET. These four kids are like 16 or something, and when they aren't rocking a room full of hipsters, or signing to Rough Trade, they're probably still stressing about pimples and the cafeteria's meat patties. Vocalist Jemina Pearl has been compared to a young (really young) Karen O, and she snarls, growls, and kicks to these distorted 2-minute punk rock tracks in a way that would make Momma Yeah Yeah Yeah proud. Pearl's lyrics are angry, the furious drumming tempos are so precise it's absurd, and the crunchy guitars are fuzzed-out and blasted to 11. What's not to love?

This poster is a whopping 32 X 23. It is printed on an extremely thin paper, which was folded down to about 12 X 12, so we will ship it flat. We hope someone takes this bit of indie rock history and mounts it on foam core, but that's up to you. Of course, it's the only one we have. We'd dare say it's the only one ANYONE has! We will include a few more byoP collectibles for the winner!

Artists: Be Your Own Pet, The Ponys, Chin Up Chin Up, Rahim
Venue: Rothko
Where: New York, NY
When: 7/15/2005

About this collection:
For years, we've been selling these limited edition show posters in our office store. But now that we've moved to a smaller space, WE'VE DECIDED TO CUT OUR PRICES IN HALF! Was $90, now $45- that's how we do it!

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